Love this kind of product. Although I love the idea of keeping track of the foods I eat, I still haven’t found an app/tool that makes it really easy to do so. I think something like this is a step in the right direction, although I would love to see the Countertop app app some voice controls (e.g. you could just say what you’re adding to the Prep Pad rather than typing it in). The dream is obviously just to take a picture of what you’re eating and the app automatically recognizes the food and adds the nutritional value to your account… but I think we’re still a far way away from that (but maybe not too far away).


You may not have heard of Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones but you’ve seen their work. Before their recent split, they collectively ran the most successful and well respected type design studio in the world, creating fonts used by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the President of the United States.

Font Men, gives a peek behind the curtain into the world of Jonathan and Tobias. Tracking the history of their personal trajectories, sharing the forces that brought them together and giving an exclusive look at the successful empire they built together.

I find this wildly interesting. Especially since reading Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore.

Netflix for Academic Journals.

This is a bit of a vent post, so beware.

I’m putting together the #pechat topic card for next week’s chat on “Team Teaching in #PhysEd” this morning and am trying to find journal articles online to use as suggested readings to help participants go into the chat with some evidence-based ideas. 

Trying to find an article from an physical education  journal  that has free, online access is like trying to find a “Denver Broncos - 2014 Superbowl Champions” shirt this morning. 

Academia wants me to use research/evidence as the foundation of my teaching practice? That’s cool. However, don’t expect me to drop $80-$200/journal subscription to help me do so!

I’m not saying give me articles for free, I’m not stupid. Universities/publishers are businesses and businesses need to make money. But your current system for making moolah is broken, and borderline stupid if you ask me.

$30 for a single article!? $99 for an issue!? In the words of Senator Clay Davis from The Wire:

Here’s how you academic journals can make me happy and keep making your money:

1. Create a Netflix-like site full of great view-only academic articles/journals that requires the user to register to be able to access your content.

2. Charge $9.99/month for unlimited access to said articles.

3. Allow users to cancel their membership at any time with no penalty.

4. Every month, add new, current issues of your journals to the site’s database.

5. Learn how to social media (it’s 2014!), and connect with educators/other professionals through it. Do some giveaways. Make people see the value of your content. Be personable, you [explicit] robots!

6. Profit and use some of that to keep funding research (or fill up a room and swim in it à la Scrooge McDuck… I really don’t care, just let me access articles)

I know individual accounts are not your target market, but they should be. You might get 1 person willing to pay $200/year for your journal, but I bet you can also get 20 to pay $10/month for it as well. Make it worth their while, and that’s $120/year/user your making. Cha-ching!

Some industries are in need of disruption. Netflix took on cable TV. Uber took on Taxis. Which one of you geniuses (you’re literally geniuses… stop reading and look at all the diplomas on the wall in front of you) is going to take on the distribution of academic journals?